Thursday, April 21, 2011

New logo: C&A

C&A is a European clothing retailer, tracing its roots back to the 1841, when two brothers founded a textile company in the Netherlands. Its first German store opened 100 years ago. Today it is present in most countries on the European mainland with 1,490 stores on the continent.

The company logo has long been an oval with the name on it, and for the last decades, the oval has been blue with white serif text and a red border around it. The logo has been updated throughout the years to keep up with the times. This last happened in 2005. Yesterday, April 20, C&A presented a new version of their logo during a press conference.

The new logo removes the oval and turns the letters blue. Other elements, such as the typeface used for the letters and the border seem to be unchanged.

From a press release, issued April 20 by C&A:
C&A’s renewed corporate identity scheme includes also a freshened up corporate C&A logo in order to trigger a more modern, cleaner, lighter and brighter appearance. ”The evolutionary renewal of our corporate C&A logo is in tune with our iconic brand heritage as well as with the renewed C&A-corporate identity package and can be seen as the visual expression of our company´s desire to constantly evolve and respond to the changing ´wants and needs´ of our customers. Further, we have also developed and implemented, a renewed Marketing Communications approach as well as have refreshed our corporate values and our commercial proposition in line with our re-energised vision going forward,“ Seitz added.

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C&A have also provided this timeline which shows how the logo has developed through the years.

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A truck with the new corporate identity. Source: C&A

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  1. IM sorry but to me it still looks like an Automobile Association logo from the 60s. They should have at the very least updated the typography at the same time.

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  3. Sure the last pic has a shiny view :D