Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Belgacom comes together under Proximus name

Belgacom is the incumbent telco in Belgium. For about two decades, Belgacom has operated its mobile phone service under the name Proximus, which is Latin for close. As landline and mobile offerings have converged it made increasingly less sense to use separate brands for them, so last week Belgacom announced that they would only use the name Proximus when targeting consumers. With this came a new look for the Proximus brand.

According to the company CEO, the new logo expresses Proximus' "wish to be as close to our customers as possible".

TVGN pops new name

TVGN, until recently known as the TV Guide Network, is an American television channel owned by CBS and Lionsgate that used to be dedicated to tell what was on other channels. As that functionality was increasingly replaced by other media, the network changed its direction to become a general entertainment network featuring reality fare. Last week TVGN announced that it would change its name to Pop.

Pop will be "a multi-platform destination dedicated to celebrating the fun of being a fan", which means a lot of its programming will be dedicated to fandom of different pop culture phenomena.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hovione hides an H in the pills

Hovione is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company. It was founded in Lisbon in 1959 and has since expanded around the world. This month, they introduced a new visual identity, created by London-based Together Design.

When creating the logo, Together sought to preserve Hovione's heritage by keeping a recognisable hexagon shape, but moving it forward with an approachable sans serif and stronger red colour. Inside the hexagon are two stylised capsules, with the letter H preserved in the space between them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gulpener, the free brewery

Gulpener is a Dutch brewery founded in 1825 that makes an assortment of different beers. This month it introduced a new visual identity and new labels, created by Utrecht-based agency Brand Republic.

The agency sought to create a design that goes back to the essential with a focus on the authentic and simple, not the hip. The 'GB' monogram brings back an element that was discarded several years ago. To put emphasis on the fact that Gulpener is independent of mayor brewery companies it has adopted the slogan De Vrije Brouwer ("The Free Brewery").

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fresh berries for BOB jams

BOB is a classic Swedish brand for jams, marmalades and drinks that was first introduced in 1948. It has recently started introducing new packaging and a new logo, created by Stockholm-based design agency Silver.

The previous red circle logo was given two green leaves to make it look like a berry. It maintains BOB's heritage by keeping the red colour and the round shape.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logo round-up: August 2014

A much talked about symbol for the Herhey Company and a refreshed Volvo emblem probably qualify and as the highest-profile logo changes in August. Still, what tends to be a slow month did present several interesting projects.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Danish railway company DSB rolls out hexagonal logo

DSB is Denmark's leading railway company, charged with operating most trains in Denmark, including passenger, commuter and cargo trains. It has its origins in Danske Statsbaner ("Danish State Railways"), the old railway monopoly. Last week, on September 11, the company rolled out a new logo across the country.

The new logo is combination of the hexagon shape used by the S-tog train service around Copenhagen with a revised version of DSB's existing lettering. This has the advantage of integrating name and symbol into one element. It also marks a more united DSB as several sub-brands will be scrapped with its introduction. A press release says it shall support DSB's process of focus on its core business and "tell the story of simplicity, trust and reliability as the foundation of DSB's way to create cohesion in public transport in Denmark".

The logo was designed by Bo Linnemann of Kontrapunkt, working with DSB Kommunikation & Branding. Kontrapunkt were also behind the previous logo that featured a stylised image of a winged wheel, as well as much of the rest of DSB's identity programme including typography and wayfinding graphics.